A Flat-Coat from Sweden

"My name is SJCh LP Inkwells Jingle Bell. I live in Veddige near Varberg on the west coast of Sweden.

My master is Håkan Nilsson.

I was born on the 27 of january 1993, and became a field trial champion in november 1996. I earned my obediance title in July 1997.

If you are interested my master (with lots of help) has compiled a short History of Flat-Coats in Sweden. We also have a page we call Working Flatcoats and Field Trials in Sweden and a page with Dog-related Links."

Bella's great heart gave up on July 11th 2001, she suffered from cardio myopati. I consider myself most privileged to have had the fortune to be a friend of and work with this great dog. I hope her laughing bark these days is herd where the rabbits roam and the birds soar freely.

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